Acne Clinic

At Foley Dermatology we take acne seriously. We are aware of the severe emotional impact acne can have on a young person’s quality of life and we recognise how frustrating it can be with delays to access of effective dermatologist-driven therapies.

To address this unmet need, we at Foley Dermatology have undertaken 2 initiatives:
Firstly, we’ve engaged an additional dermatologist, Dr Rose Mak BSc, MBBS, MRCP, PhD, FACD, to join Assoc. Prof. Peter Foley MBBS BMedSc MD FACD. We won’t be neglecting our skin cancer, eczema or psoriasis patients but access to a dermatologist for acne management is now easier than ever.

Secondly, we’ve commenced our Acne Solutions Clinic to streamline access to our expertise in acne management. Our Specialist Dermatology Nurses and Skin Therapists, have been trained to assess acne and identify the different types. Based on the recently published ‘Evidence based recommendations for the diagnosis & treatment of Paediatric Acne’ they provide education on the causes of acne and the various management options, exploring the myths and facts including skin care, sun protection, diet and physical therapies such as peels, laser, PDT and radiofrequency sublation. Where medical intervention is appropriate our Specialist Nurses can recommend ‘fast-track’ access to a consultation with one of our dermatologists. A referral will be required for Medicare purposes if specialist treatment is required.

And we don’t stop there, once the acne is under control, the team at Foley Dermatology can deal with any scarring that is a consequence of acne.

A referral is not essential to be seen at our Acne solution Clinic.